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Over the next few years we will gradually build this league into a 12 team league initally. This league is not a semi-professional league, nor is it a minor league system. It serves a a soley independent proffesional league that will target a Smaller Market. We have the ambition to become a major football league  and will compete with the NFL for Talent coming out of college. This football league will have no gimmicks no scoring modifications and will opearate mostly on NFL Rules, with slight tweaks. Over these next months we will constantly update the league and keep you posted on the rulebook, Team purchases and More. Once again we thank you for looking at our league and we look forward to our luching date in 2015.

God Bless,
Garland Barry 
Founder and Acting Commisioner      
Posted by Garland Barry , Created Mon Jan 2, 2012

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